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Your Listing in Villa Like Home

We want to promote and show all the relevant and useful information in order your guests to know if your villa meets all their requirements and specific needs. Photographs will help your guests imagine themselves in your villa, so be sure that you have a satisfactory amount of high resolution photos of the interior and the exterior spaces.

 In Villa Like Home you have the ability of setting your villa pricing according to the season. Since it is very important to keep your guests informed about your villa’s availability and reservations, Villa Like Home gives you the ability of calendar synchronization with other booking platforms.

Communicate with your Guests

As a Villa Like Home host you will be able to communicate directly with your potential guests by answering to booking requests and inquiries or by making a special offer. When you receive a booking request as a pending booking, you’ll have the ability to choose either to accept or reject it. Once you have a confirmed booking, your guest and you will know each other's email address and phone number to get in touch.

 Villa Like Home also sends automatic notifications to host through SMS, once you have a new booking request or inquiry. We will always keep you up to date by email about your listings, booking requests, cancellation and profile activities.

Booking Proccess & Service Fees

You can manage your villa listing yourself or, if your free time is limited, you can let us be your account’s manager. Depending on your choice, Villa Like Home's service fees will be 9% or 15%  on the final booking price, respectively.

Once a reservation is booked the guest pays a 30% deposit. All reservation fees plus service fees are considered to be fully paid at least 28 days before the day of the arrival, otherwise the reservation will be automatically cancelled.

We ensures that your money is safe until your guest arrives at your villa. Your payment is automatically transferred to you, 24 hours after your guest arrival.

Cancellation Policies

You can select between 3 (Flexible, Moderate, Strict) cancellation policies in Cretico, in order to choose what suits your listing better. Have in mind that Flexible Cancellation Policy will help your villa listing ranking and show up higher in Villa Like Home's search results.

You can read more about host cancellation policies here.

Benefits of a Villa Like Home Host

Cretico provides you a user friendly environment in order to promote your listing, our website is optimized and communicates directly with Google in order to increase your property’s traffic and publicity.

  • Free, easy and quick registration
  • Multiple villa listings
  • 24h human support by our team           
  • Automatic reminders through SMS and email
  • Acceptance/rejection reservation request   
  • Calendar import from other booking platforms
  • Low commission
  • Flexible pricing
  • Secure transactions
  • Chose among three cancellation policies 
  • Free professional photography
  • Global promotion campaign
  • Communicate directly with your potential guests

We will be more than happy to answer all your questions about your villa listing In Villa Like Home!
You can send your email to [email protected] and contact our support center or call us directly to +30 28210 02371.