Santorini Traditional Cuisine: A Great Culinary Experience

As many Greek traditional cuisines, Santorini traditional cuisine features unique local dishes based on traditional local products of Santorini island. Those dishes and beverages are part of the economic life and cultural heritage of the island. For many centuries, they have gained an exceptional position in the tourist development of the island. Santorini wines, especially, are a strong part of the local economy. They are exported around the world and have become popular for their quality and fine taste.

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Rhodes holidays - The Knights Island in Dodecanese

Rhodes Holidays: The Knights Island In Dodecanese

If you decide to spend Rhodes holidays, in Dodecanese, you will realize that it is a really “generous” island: vast sandy beaches, emerald waters, castles and ancient cities, gourmet restaurants, luxury holiday homes, and villages, where people still bake bread in the oven. Rhodes is the island of Knights, the island of the legendary Colossus of Rhodes, the island where Byzantines, Greeks, Venetians, Italians, Turks left their mark. There, the sea routes of the Aegean and the coast of the Middle East, meet each other.

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Zakynthos Holidays: The "Fiore Di Levante" Of Ionian Sea

Zakynthos Holidays: The “Fiore Di Levante” Of Ionian Sea

Are you planning to spend Zakynthos holidays in the Ionian islands this summer? We would agree that this is one of the best options for holidays in Greece! Zakynthos, known as “Zante” or “Fiore di Levante”, is an Ionian island with unique natural beauty. It is the southernmost island of the group and the third in area and population. It is located south of Kefalonia and west of Peloponnese. Its privileged geographic location offers you the chance to visit easily the other islands of the Ionian or the opposite Peloponnesian coast.

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Samos island in Greece

Holidays On Samos Island, Greece

Samos island is one of the most popular Greek islands, located on the East Aegean Sea, across the shores of Minor Asia. The island has a true natural beauty that features lush green mountainous landscapes, endless vineyards across the island, picturesque fishing villages and breathtaking sandy beaches. It also enjoys a very conducive temperate climate, which makes it an ideal holiday destination.

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Lefkada island

10 Things You Should Do In Lefkada

Lefkada, the fourth largest island in the Ionian Sea, combines perfectly elements of the mainland of Greece with the beauty of a Greek island. Lefkada attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year, due to its connection with the opposite coast of Central Greece via the floating bridge. The attractions of this island are countless and so are the places you should definitely visit. After thorough thought, we present to you 10 things you should not miss in Lefkada in order to experience unforgettable holidays.

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Holidays in Greece

8 Reasons You Should Spend Holidays In Greece!

Spending holidays in Greece is an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Thanks to a vast range of landscapes, experiences, alternative activities, culinary delights and cultural elements, Greece offers plenty of reasons why it is worth the visit. 1. The Mediterranean climate The great climate of the country is an important incentive to visit destinations in Greece. The perfect climatic … Continue reading 8 Reasons You Should Spend Holidays In Greece!

Mykonos beaches

Top Mykonos Beaches You Should Visit On Your Holidays

Mykonos beaches are an important tourist advantage of the island, which makes it stand out among all the islands of the Aegean. Regardless its small area, Mykonos presents some of the best and most popular beaches, responding to all kinds of visitors (families, friends, couples, e.t.c.) Particularly in the south, the picturesque coves with sandy beaches follow one another. You can reach those beaches by … Continue reading Top Mykonos Beaches You Should Visit On Your Holidays

Most Amazing Sights Of Corfu

Pontikonisi Pontikonisi, a green rock, in the middle of the sea, is the highlight among the sights of Corfu. It is gorgeous and you can have a magnificent view of this green island from the island of Vlacherna and the famous cannon of Corfu. In Odyssey of Homer, we learn that Corfu, was the last stop on the long-suffering journey of Odysseus back to Ithaca. … Continue reading Most Amazing Sights Of Corfu