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Top Mykonos Beaches You Should Visit On Your Holidays

Mykonos beaches are an important tourist advantage of the island, which makes it stand out among all the islands of the Aegean. Regardless its small area, Mykonos presents some of the best and most popular beaches, responding to all kinds of visitors (families, friends, couples, e.t.c.)

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Particularly in the south, the picturesque coves with sandy beaches follow one another. You can reach those beaches by car or motorbike and some of them by boat.

Feel like a star in Psarou!

It is the most popular and maybe, one of the favorite of those visiting Mykonos every year. It is purely secular, as it is chosen by famous stars, not only from Greece, but from abroad as well. In July and August, the beach is really over-crowded, but in May and September it is ideal. The air that usually blows strongly on the island, does not affect this beach. Just keep in mind that you have to reserve a sunbed, else it will be really difficult to find one. After 5-6 in the afternoon, the party starts!

Super Paradise, The wild side of Mykonos!

In case you want to experience something wilder than the party in Psarou, then Super Paradise will be your own Paradise! One of the most famous beach clubs in the world attracts every year thousands of travelers from around the world. At a distance of about 7 km. southwest of the capital of Mykonos, in one of the most spectacular beaches on the island, top djs of the electronic music entertain hordes of Greeks and foreign tourists until the early morning hours. Super Paradise beach, is one of the most beautiful in the world as it has emerald waters.

Agios Sostis, One of the most peaceful Mykonos beaches!

The most sophisticated choose the beach of Agios Sostis. If you decide to visit it, do not forget to take with you water, coffee and maybe a snack, as there is nothing there to provide you with the necessary. If it is very hot and you have kids with you, you may think it twice, before you let your car up on the road and descend to the beach on foot. As soon as you get hungry, definitely eat at Kiki’s. Everything is cooked over charcoal, as the tavern works without electricity. The thing is that you have to wait in line for a long time until you find a table.

Explore the beautiful seabed of Lia!

Lia, one of the quietest beaches in Mykonos
Lia, one of the quietest Mykonos beaches

Lia is quite remote but very beautiful and one of the quietest Mykonos beaches. That’s why it is preferred by elders and families. It is a little bit rocky and the water is always cold as it is located in the northern side of the island. Recently, a diving school has been opened on the beach as the seabed there, presents special beauties.

Spend family moments in Kalo Livadi!

Kalo Livadi is one of the family Mykonos beaches, ideal for children since it is the most shallow beach and really wonderful! You will find large chairs, ideally placed one from each other, so everyone has enough space to move around. A little further there are water sports for lovers of such activities. It is a vast beach, so if you want your peace, you will certainly find a place to relax.

Relax on the cozy cushions of Panormos!

Panormos is the ideal beach if you want to relax and get a break from the intense rhythm of Mykonos. There are so many cushions and chairs, that you will surely find somewhere nice to sit. Do not forget to taste the best coffee of the island at the beautiful café of the beach. If you stay until the afternoon, you will have the chance to taste some very tasty dishes! Jo is always there to offer you massage services and there is a small boutique that will certainly please your girlfriend.

The pebble beach of Agrari!

It is a very beautiful pebble beach with quite deep and steep waters. So we would not easily recommend it for families with kids, especially if they are too young. But, if you like beaches with deep waters, you will really enjoy it!  Just don’t visit it when it is very windy because the waves will be really huge! You will be able to find everything you may need, at the small bar that exists on the beach.

The old-style beach of Agia Anna!

The beautiful cove of Agia Anna in Mykonos
The beautiful cove of Agia Anna in Mykonos

There are two beaches in Mykonos with this name. We would recommend you to visit the one near “Paranga”. The beach will remind you of the 50s, with its old-style sun beds. After your swim, it is worth a meal at Nikolas tavern, offering food by his mother’s hands. Many locals visit this beach just for tasting traditional homemade food.


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