Holidays in Greece

8 Reasons You Should Spend Holidays In Greece!

Spending holidays in Greece is an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Thanks to a vast range of landscapes, experiences, alternative activities, culinary delights and cultural elements, Greece offers plenty of reasons why it is worth the visit.

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1. The Mediterranean climate

Sunny winter day at Fragkokastello, South Crete
Sunny winter day at Fragkokastello, South Crete

The great climate of the country is an important incentive to visit destinations in Greece. The perfect climatic conditions enable every visitor to enjoy each season in the country. The climate, throughout the course of the year, is neither too hot nor too cold, so you will find a perfectly balanced climate that offers everyone the opportunity to enjoy monumental holidays with a whole range of activities.

2. The great variety of the landscape

Greece stands out for its natural diversity. It is almost certain that you will not find such a large range of places and landscapes in another country. It’s like you have a “thumbnail” of the world, which includes everything, from countless exquisite islands and awarded beaches to snow-capped mountains and virgin woods.

3. The world-famous Greek monuments

It is worth spending a nigth in Athens just to see Acropolis under the moonlight
It is worth spending a nigth in Athens just to see Acropolis under the moonlight

Another reason that is worth spending your holidays in Greece is its monuments and cultural heritage, in general. Get the chance to see up close the most impressive monuments in the world, such as the Acropolis, the archaeological site of Delphi or the medieval city of Mystras in Peloponnese. The New Acropolis Museum constitutes, itself, a reason to visit Greece. It is the focal meeting point of the past of Greece to its future, symbolizing the origin of Western civilization.

4. The excellent Greek cuisine

Greece stands out for its cuisine also! The most excellent Mediterranean flavors of the world are offered exclusively in this country. The food in Greece has superior taste and is healthier, not only because the recipes have been perfected over time, but also because Greek food is based on fresh products and olive oil. “Souvlaki”, “dolmades”, “mousaka”, olives, “feta” cheese, “tzatziki” … The Greek cuisine “invites” us to come to this Mediterranean country, and enjoy wonderful dishes – especially seafood, under the warm Greek sun.

5. The Greek music and various festivals throughout Greece

The festival period in Greece starts from the beginning of summer and lasts till autumn. Music, theater and dance are part of the events taking place both on the mainland and in the islands of Greece. Locals meet together, entertain and escape from the routine of everyday life. Can you think of a better way to “be connected” with the Greek culture?

6. The warm Greek hospitality

Holidays in Greece

Greeks are famous for their warm hospitality and this “pulse” is always alive and active. In fact, one can say that in this land, hospitality is more “strong” than anywhere else. As tourism is particularly important for the development of the domestic economy, Greeks want visitors to keep coming to Greece. So you can be sure that in any place of Greece, you will find friendly people ready to show you the beauties of their place and culture.

7. Holidays in Greece may be cheaper than anywhere else

There are many isolated beaches where you can take your coffee or snack and lie down withound spending anything
There are many isolated beaches where you can take your coffee or snack and lie down withound spending anything

Despite that financial crisis made things worse for the locals, it has made holidays in Greece much more affordable for those travelers who count their budget. Prices of holiday rentals have fallen and prices of flights from other European cities to Greece have also been declined in recent weeks. Typically, the months July and August are the most expensive to visit Greece, but you can find discounts by 25% and more.

8. Holidays in Greece are safer than you might think

Family holidays in Greeces

Indeed, some political protests may happen, but this is not new for Greece – and Europe in general. Those events are mostly peaceful, even if they are presented in a different way in the news. Besides, there are no negative travel advices for holidays in Greece from many countries, such as Canada, Australia, US or UK. Finally, it is no coincidence that Greece is considered, globally, as one of the safest destinations, especially for family holidays.


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