10 Best Greece Destinations To Spend Your Holidays

10 Best Greece Destinations To Spend Your Holidays

Greece destinations are countless, feature exceptional beauty and most of them have excellent tourist infrastructure. There are really magical places in Greece which you can visit, mountainous or seaside. Of course, we should not forget the multitude Greek islands with excellent beaches and crystal waters, ideal for family holidays, holidays with your friends or your beloved. Are you planning spending holidays in Greece this summer? Here they are…


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10 Amazing Greece Destinations To Choose From!


1) Santorini, Cyclades

Santorini, an island of the Southern Cyclades and lies between Ios and Anafi, is one of the top Greece destinations. Its landscape, one of the most beautiful and most impressive in the world, is a magnet for thousands of visitors every year.

Santorini Island

The most important attraction is, undoubtedly, the Volcano. Many researchers have linked the destruction of the island 3500 years ago, with the destruction of the Minoan civilization and the myth of the lost Atlantis. The volcano still remains active, while the big eruption around 1500 BC created this unique Caldera, above which seem to float hundreds of white houses with blue shutters.

The island features many beaches, with Perissa, Kamari and Red Beach to be among the most famous. Perissa and Kamari are endless beaches with volcanic black sand and deep blue waters. The Red Beach consists of striking red and black rocks.

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2) Mykonos, Cyclades

Mykonos is a cluster of islands including Delos, Rhenia and some rocky islets. From the 50s, it is one of the most popular tourist islands of the Mediterranean.

The town, as commonly called Mykonos town, impresses and charms the visitor from the first moment, with its beautiful position, scale and architecture. Despite the great tourist development of the island, it manages to maintain its Cycladic character and many of its traditional elements.

Psarou beach, Mykonos

Mykonos beaches stand out among the Greek islands for their dreamy beauty, and they cover all the needs of holidaymakers. Of course, the most famous beaches in Mykonos are the ones with the famous beach bars and restaurants that are constantly in a crazy party. However, in Mykonos, there are beaches for those seeking peace and seclusion. So, in the list of the perfectly organized, crowded beaches, you will find other more quiet, almost desolate, without sunbeds and water sports, but so wonderful! Some of these are: Psarou, Platis Gialos, Kalo Livadi, Megali Ammos, etc.

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3) Skiathos, Sporades

Skiathos, the emerald island of Sporades, is considered one of the most beautiful Greece destinations in the Aegean. Dense forests cover the mountainous part of the island, while the exotic beaches have acquired world fame. It features low lush mountains, endless beaches and many bays and coves accessed by boat. It is the ideal setting for anyone to feel like they are in Paradise!

Skiathos island in Sporades

Skiathos town is the only settlement on the island. In Hora, as the locals call it, beats the heart of the whole island. Small white houses with tiled roofs, balconies and small patios with colorful flowers make up the neighborhoods. Walking the streets of the town reveals its unique beauties: traditional, picturesque, romantic, idyllic images .

For the summer months and for beach lovers, Megali Ammos is one of the busiest beaches of Skiathos. Another dreamy beach is Koukounaries, surrounded by a dense pine forest, creating a rare beauty. It is one of the most famous beaches of our country and the most photographed landscape of Skiathos. The main feature of the beach is the endless golden sand.

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4) Chania, Crete

Chania is the second largest city in Crete and capital of Chania prefecture. The city of Chania is a beautiful coastal city, which hosts the largest port in Crete. Chania was the ancient Cydonia which was an important Minoan city. Many of the visitors coming to Crete, consider Chania  as the most beautiful city of the island and one of the most beautiful Greece destinations! The trademark of the city is the Old Town and its Venetian Port, ideal for evening walks and relaxation. Its charm will enchant you!

The prefecture of Chania has many beaches. Balos is located on Gramvoussa cape, in a heavenly landscape. Access is possible mainly by boat from Kastelli and by car, only up to a point. The area is a features rare beauty, but there are no amenities in the place. So you should adequately equip yourself for your visit. Do not forget to visit Elafonisi, located near the southeastern corner of the island, 43 km from Kastelli and 76 from Chania. You may access the island from the beach. You just walk about 100 m. on foot, as the water is very shallow! The water is pink from the thousands of shells, giving a special appearance on the beach.

The prefecture of Chania has many options for visitors who want to get close to nature. A visit to the famous Samaria Gorge will convince you. Samaria Gorge is the longest gorge in whole Europe, cross by over three hundred thousand people each year.

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5) Paxi islands, Ionian Sea

Paxi, in the Ionian Islands complex, is a small green paradise. It is a cosmopolitan island which combines charm and nobility. Paxi, the smallest of the Ionian Islands, enchant all guests. It is located at a distance of 7 nautical miles south of Corfu and within 8 nautical miles west of the mainland coast.

Paxi, as all Ionian Islands, are characterized by their dense vegetation and endless vineyards. The beautiful island has no airport and can be reached by ferry from Corfu, Parga, Igoumenitsa, Brindisi and Ancona. The countless natural beauties of Paxi are a magnet for thousands of visitors. The island is ideal for nature lovers, has beautiful beaches. You can also make romantic walks in picturesque villages and have fun at the bars operating as tourist resorts.

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6) Ithaca, Ionian Sea

Homer honored Ithaca, as the island of Odysseus in his epics. Thus, the reputation of Ithaca was spread through all centuries and nations. In the last decade, the island of Ithaca experienced a significant growth while maintaining the traditional Ionian image. It attracts many tourists from around the world and is selected by the Greeks as a location for pleasant vacation

In addition to the routes crossing the island,  you may discover Ithaca, also by a boat. Some of the top beaches of the Ionian, are hidden and discovered only by sea. Ithaca’s beaches are not sandy but composed of smooth pebbles, mainly white. Some of them are like clean ponds and some of them are so small, as private beaches. The trees reach almost to the sea, creating a unique, beautiful setting that combines wildness and quietness.

7) Mani, Peloponnese

It is one of the most captivating Greece destinations, located in Peloponnese. Mountains, beaches, towers and stone houses with a unique color. This is Mani. The architecture, the villages nestled in mountainous volumes that reach the sea, the olive trees, everything is here to enchant you forever.

A little further north from the western Mani, is the beautiful Kardamili. Further down, are the villages Stupa, Lagada, Agia Sofia, Proastio, Tseria, Milia. Leaving Mani, you enter in the laconic region. You will first visit Gytheio, with its picturesque harbor, the neoclassical buildings and the golden beaches. After Gytheio is worth visiting Itilo and Areopoli. Later, you will be impressed by the paths leading to the towers. Then, head to the Caves of Diros, Limeni, Gerolimenas, Vathia, Kotronas. All of them are stone villages with beautiful beaches.

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8) Chalkidiki, Macedonia

Chalkidiki is a place where all your senses will come to life, whether on the endless expanses of sand of the fashionable, cosmopolitan beaches, or in the intimacy of the many secluded bays and coves. The region is formed of three peninsulas or “feet”, each with its own unique charm, history and magic. There is Kassandra, or Pallini, scene of the Battle of the Giants in ancient mythology Sithonia, a magical place of green forest and blue sea and Mt. Athos, the world’s only monastic state, home to twenty historic monasteries. Truly a place of dreams, and you dream has only just begun…

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9) Parga, Epirus

The picturesque town of Parga, despite that it is located in Epirus, looks like an island. The steep cobbled streets lead to the imposing castle that dominates the top of the hill, west of Parga. The two and three storey houses with tiled roofs and wooden balconies give the city a special color. From the top of the hill, you can admire the view over the city, the picturesque harbor with the islet of Virgin Mary and the beautiful beaches. In addition to the castle, anyone can visit the monastery of Our Lady of Blachernae, the ecclesiastical museum where relics and vestments are exposed, as well as some of the 50 churches.

Each summer, Parga is full of tourists, and also features excellent tourist infrastructure with many restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, leaving the best impression to visitors.

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10) Zakynthos (Zante), Ionian Sea

Zakynthos island is located in the western Greece, and constitutes one of the most popular Greece destinations in Europe, with thousands of tourists visiting the island every season. Zante is globally famous for the amazing beaches. The crystal clear blue water of the Ionian Sea, together with the white sand and the steep cliffs, are consisting few of the nicest beaches in the world. Navagio (Shipwreck Beach) is probably the most famous of them, as the scenery is truly spectacular. However, don’t miss to visit more beaches of Zante such as the very long Laganas beach, the Caretta Caretta turtle beach – Kalamaki, Keri in the western Zante, the popular beach in Vasilikos and of course the amazing Blue Caves close to Navagio beach.

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In addition to those mentioned above, of course there are many other Greece destinations that worth a visit during your holidays in Greece. No matter which place you decide to visit, you can be sure that Greek hospitality will be always the same!




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