Ionian Island Hopping

Top 5 Destinations For Ionian Island Hopping

Ionian island hopping is very popular and the islands are well known to tourists from all over the world for their stunning sandy beaches, beautiful crystal clear waters, the scenic landscape that flourishes with lush vegetation, and the untouched picturesque villages. What’s amazing about the Ionian Islands is that they are located close together, which makes easy the transfer from one Island to another. This makes the Ionian a perfect destination for island hopping while on vacation, where you can spend a few days on one island and then hop on to the next.

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Cyclades Island Hopping

A Guide To Cyclades Island Hopping

One of the things that make Greece famous is the several islands that you can visit. Among these, are the Cyclades, a group of about 220 islands that are located in the Aegean Sea. Cyclades island hopping is an amazing experience. Their whitewashed houses, volcanic calderas, beautiful beaches, and the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea under the sparkling summer sun are enough to win anyone over.

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