Kefalonia holidays in one week

Kefalonia Holidays In One Week

Kefalonia holidays presents so many attractions and magical beaches, that it will be really difficult for you to choose which of them you will visit during your holidays. Kefalonia is one of the best options for anyone wants to visit the Ionian islands.  Indeed, the seven days may be very few to meet the beauties of the island, but enough to fall in love with this place forever!

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Day 1: Kefalonia holidays start from Argostoli

Argostoli, the capital of the island, is located in its center. At the beginning of your first day, you can enjoy your breakfast, either in the cafes of the central square Vallianou, either strolling in the streets. You will meet shops, small churches and people shopping in the market or going to work. The highlights of this stroll are the Catholic Church of St. Nicholas with the icon of the Virgin, the Orthodox Church of St. Spyridon with the ornate temple and finally the Bell Square, with palm trees and the tall clock.

As the first day in Kefalonia is dedicated to Argostoli, you can visit one of the nearby beaches. Makris Gialos and Platis Gialos are your basic options as they are just 15 minutes from Argostoli. These are two neighboring beaches of Kefalonia, included in the top of the island. They are fully organized, but also have enough space. The golden sand and the turquoise waters impress every visitor, and if you’re lucky, it’s very likely that a party takes place in the beach bar.

Day 2: Swim in the spectacular Myrtos beach

The second day of Kefalonia holidays, can only be dedicated to one of the most beautiful Greek landscapes, Myrtos beach. To reach there, you drive from Argostoli for about 30-40 minutes. It is better to leave early in the morning, so you do not hassle to park. In Myrtos, there are umbrellas and sunbeds, but in very limited numbers. Moreover, you should keep in mind that there is no shade available. There is also a canteen offering water, coffee, soft drinks and a short menu for snacks. Morning in Myrtos will enchant you for sure, but the sun will literally leave you speechless – do not leave unless you enjoy it!

After Myrtos, the seaside village of  Assos awaits you for food and relaxation … Colorful houses by the sea, restaurants for all tastes, the stunning coastline of Kefalonia with beautiful beaches and views of the Castle of Assos, a construction of the Venetian island’s conquerors, since the 16th century.

Day 3: Visit the famous Lixouri of Kefalonia

Start your day in Lixouri, early in the morning! Enjoy your coffee in the small town, admire the statue of Laskaratos on the beach and browse the beautiful Iakovatios Library and Tipaldos Museum. Then, enjoy a swim in one of the most special beaches of Kefalonia, the beautiful Xi, with the red sand. It is just 8 km. from the town of Lixouri. It is fully organized and the beach bars are visited by the youth of the area. So, you will have a great opportunity to entertain yourself! Its strange name comes from the shape of the beach, which resembles the letter “X” (Ξ) of the Greek alphabet. Other beaches near Lixouri is Lepeda and Megas Lakos, also sandy beaches.

After leaving the sea, since you are in the area, it is worth a stroll in nearby villages, such as Kounopetra (=swinging stone), on the southern tip of the peninsula. It belongs to the geological phenomena of the island and it is explained by its name: A stone swinging in the sea. Nowadays of course, the movement is imperceptible, and you have to observe it for a long time in order to figure out its movement.

Day 4: Stroll in Fiskardo, the beautiful small port of Kefalonia

If you spend Kefalonia holidays, you should visit Fiskardo, a small port on the northwest end of the island, which gathers famous people around the world. It is a little bit far from Argostoli (50 km), but the route, passing through the beautiful villages of Erisou, is really picturesque! In this region, maintained like no other in Kefalonia, you will have the opportunity to gaze the old houses, built in Ionian style, with narrow shutters and small balconies, and swim to its beaches: Foki and Emplisi near Fiskardo, Dafnoudi, in case you like isolation, the Holy Jerusalem with the old church on the pebbles, the Chorgota where were filmed scenes from “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” and Agia Sophia beach!

Do not leave Fiskardo early! The light of the sunset gives beautiful shades to the small village, and a sense of serenity in the landscape that will relax you and rejuvenate you.

Day 5: Sami, Antisamos and the spectacular Melissani Cave

The fifth day of your Kefalonia holidays is already here! Starting from Argostoli to reach Sami village, you meet the Monastery of Saint Gerasimos, in the middle of your route. In the monastery, you will see the relics of the saint patron of Kefalonia and large trees. Around the monastery is the area, where the “robola” grows, the vine that gives the special local wine of Kefalonia.

Before you reach the beach of Antisamos, you should stop at Melissani cave. You will be left speechless, as soon as you see this special natural formation: turquoise waters of an underground lake, which is illuminated by the sunlight, entering the cave from a large natural opening above the lake … It is just two kilometers from Sami, in the seaside Karavomilos village.

Return back to Sami and head towards Antisamos. It is a long beach, with white pebbles, turquoise waters and lush nature, reaching the sea. The beach is organized and you can comfortably stay there for the whole day. Leaving the beach, you may stop at one of the taverns of Sami to end your day with a wonderful lunch!

Day 6: Tour the mountain villages of Kefalonia

It’s time to experience the other side of Kefalonia, with the large sandy beach of Skala which attracts many visitors. If you choose to get to the beach of Skala through Pyrgi village, you will get a very good taste of the mountainous Kefalonia and the villages that are built on the slope of Enos. Stop at the beach of Katelios to eat fresh fish in one of its taverns.

Day 7: Visit the most popular sights of Kefalonia

Kefalonia holidays have finally come to their end! We would recommend you to spend your last day on visiting the sights of the island, apart from its amazing beaches: the Castle of Saint George with the old churches of the Venetian period, a little bit further from Argostoli, the Monastery of Milapidia and the abandoned Monastery of Sission, which are also nearby. Finally, one of the beaches that you should see, even on the last day, is Petani beach.


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