Samos island in Greece

Holidays On Samos Island, Greece

Samos island is one of the most popular Greek islands, located on the East Aegean Sea, across the shores of Minor Asia. The island has a true natural beauty that features lush green mountainous landscapes, endless vineyards across the island, picturesque fishing villages and breathtaking sandy beaches. It also enjoys a very conducive temperate climate, which makes it an ideal holiday destination.

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10 Places to See On Your Holidays In Greece

Top 10 Places To See On Your Holidays In Greece

Holidays in Greece are a choice for more and more travelers throughout the world, as Greece is well known for its natural beauty and its fascinating history. Being one of the few places in the world where you can find ancient ruins, picturesque whitewashed villages, perfect sandy beaches, countless islands, tasty local cuisines, and a friendly environment, the country is a perfect destination for everyone, regardless of age and interests.

Below, you may have a look at some of the Top 10 places you should visit while spending your holidays in Greece!

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Aegina, Trips from Athens

Top 4 Day Trips From Athens

With so much to see and do in Athens, a visit to the Greek capital is one of the best travel experiences you can enjoy. In addition to the numerous attractions and activities that the city has to offer, Athens is also one of the best launching pads for one-day trips and excursions to other tourist hot spots outside the city. The day trips from Athens include island hopping to the nearest islands or areas in the Prefecture of Attica. Below you can read about the top one-day trips from Athens that you should experience when vacationing in the city.

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Ionian Island Hopping

Top 5 Destinations For Ionian Island Hopping

Ionian island hopping is very popular and the islands are well known to tourists from all over the world for their stunning sandy beaches, beautiful crystal clear waters, the scenic landscape that flourishes with lush vegetation, and the untouched picturesque villages. What’s amazing about the Ionian Islands is that they are located close together, which makes easy the transfer from one Island to another. This makes the Ionian a perfect destination for island hopping while on vacation, where you can spend a few days on one island and then hop on to the next.

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Navagio beach, Zakynthos

The 10 Best Beaches In Greece

It is not easy for anyone to distinguish the best beaches in Greece, as the country holds the eleventh position in the world’s longest coastlines and has 380 beaches awarded a Blue Flag. We picked and present to you ten of the best Greek beaches that will offer you dreamy summer holidays. However, you should know that there are dozens more beautiful, exotic beaches, located either in the coastline of the mainland of Greece or in the beautiful Greek islands which will excite you, no matter which Greek destination you choose for your holidays in Greece.

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